5 Tips for Buying a Home


Here are five tips to help you find a great home and close on it.

Get your finances in order.

Start by getting a full picture of your credit. Obtain copies of your credit report. Make sure the facts are correct, and fix any problems you find.

Find a suitable lender.

Find out how much you are qualified to borrow. This will tell you how much house you can afford to buy.

Get preapproved.

An offer from a buyer who is preapproved is much more powerful than an offer from a buyer who has not started the process and really has no idea if they can buy a certain house. A preapproved buyer knows what he or she can buy therefore does not waste time but can go right to areas and neighborhoods where houses in their range are located.

My services as a buyer’s rep are FREE to the buyer.

Sellers pay all real estate commissions and they are reconciled at closing. The buyer pays me nothing YET gets all my expertise and knowledge in finding and negotiating a contract on a house, and I am aggressive. I do my homework. I’ll analyze and determined the market value of a property before we make an offer so we can make a powerful serious offer with a good chance of being accepted or getting a negotiation going that will lead to a ratified contract.

We will put our heads together, and two heads are better than one.

You know what you want, and I know how to get it for you at the lowest possible price.