Pay Attention to Your Number of Weekly Showings


When selling a house or condo, your weekly showings are a good indicator of how attractive your property is in your local market. Showings are a critical barometer. If you are not getting showings, you need to do something or your property will sit. Look hard at your price. Do a new market analysis and look at sales in the past few weeks to make sure you are priced close to market value. Look at the incentive you are offering to buyer agents to show your property. If one listing is offering 3%, which is typical for Charleston, South Carolina, but a comparable property is only offering only 2%, the 3% house will likely get shown first and may snag the buyer. You can offer agent bonuses for a ratified contract by a certain date. You can sweeten the deal and offer to pay some buyer closing costs. There are ways to get interest and if you are not getting showings, you should take action. The longer your house sits, the more other agents and buyers will think something is wrong with it. The renovators I work with, who renovate property then sell it, can not let a property sit. If they don’t get showings, they will quickly reduce the price, offer bonuses, or whatever it takes to create interest, and they do this weekly until they get the showings they need to get a property sold. I talk with my clients regularly so we can keep them competitive and get their properties SOLD ASAP.